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The BEST German Stollen
in Calgary in now available!

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Cindy Kim (Google Review)

My fave vegan bakery! Their cakes are perfection - our family faves are the black forest, carrot, and chocolate ganache (they actually created the chocolate ganache as a custom cake for us last year!). You would never know their goods are vegan - they can fool even the most hardened skeptics. Flavours are always well-balanced. Everything they make is made with such care and are so accomodating and pleasant to deal with. I've also ordered their pies and babka, and seasonal goods like the stollen and Christmas cookies. Never been disappointed! Love supporting local vegan businesses. Kudos to Peter and Beverly for being such awesome humans!

Shauna Elle (Google Review)

Kashew Bakery is a wonderful company with so many delicious options for vegans! If you're looking for a sweet treat or savory treat as a vegan or non-vegan, this is the place for you! The owners Peter and Beverly are extremely helpful, so friendly and will chat with you about their products any time. My favorites are the Sticky Cinnamon Buns and the Carrot Cake!

Kiracat (Happy Cow Review)

I'm from Red Deer but this baking is worth the drive!

The Linzer cookies are my personal favorite and my husband can't get enough of the orange cranberry bread.

The molasses cookies are chewy like the ones my grandmother made. The spice blend is perfect!

The prices are very reasonable. They offer the best of both worlds - you can have your (kitchen) free time and vegan baking too!

GERMAN STOLLEN is a signature recipe of  Kashew Bakery owner, Peter Wegmannborn and raised in Pirmasens, Germany where he learned to make stollen as a young apprentice at the age of 16.  

Christstollen has been a cherished Christmas tradition for almost 700 years and holds a special place

in Peter's heart as a Master Baker and a proud German.

Kashew Bakery’s 2021 German Holiday Stollen with marzipan

is rich with exceptional flavour and fragrance, loaded with fruit and nostalgia,

and lovingly developed out of kindness and compassion.

As a true artisan, Bäckermeister Peter Wegmann makes his stollen from scratch

(including the butter) using quality ingredients. 

Quality fruits, nuts and spices soaked in dark rum; handmade candied citrus and vanilla;

rich, buttery dough;  rolling and shaping each stollen by hand;

in time-honoured methods passed down through generations of German bakers.


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