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Kashew Bakery is a full service vegan-owned bakery that was formed out of our passion
for traditional European baking and a deep belief in the ethical treatment of all animals.
We specialize in vegan artisan breads, cakes, viennoiserie, cookies and treats

Kashew Bakery aspires to introduce vegan food and veganism by offering delicious and impressive baking.

Our desire is to show the world that fantastic tasting and quality baked goods never have to be compromised when love and compassion for all animals are at the heart of our creations.


Peter began his career over 30 years ago at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern in Germany,

where he obtained his Master Bakers degree


You can tell within minutes of talking to Peter that he is absolutely consumed by passion

(obsessed) with artisan bread... it's the reason he gets out of bed every morning (often bellowing "Boomshakalaka, I'm feeling this, baby!") nearly startling anyone within earshot distance. Given the slightest window, you will witness the light in his eyes, smile on his lips, and hear the pure excitement in his voice as he speaks about the history, process and methods, product qualities, etc. of breads and baking.

Transitioning to a compassionate vegan lifestyle motivated Peter to create plant-based artisan baking recipes, bringing all his love, knowledge, experience, skills and excitement for traditional European baking to the vegan world.  


Beverly began her journey towards a fully compassionate lifestyle in the winter of 2008.

Ann & Sandy Cross July 13th (11)_edited_

Beverly comes to Kashew Bakery with marketing and business acumen from years of experience as an entrepreneur / small business owner of a dance company. She brings her creative talents and detailed-oriented eye for aesthetics, as well as her understanding of value and excellence to the company. 

Beverly's love and respect for animals and deep desire to avoid contributing to animal exploitation was awakened in 2008 when the book Skinny Bitch motivated her to adopt a vegan lifestyle overnight.

She is dedicated and committed to helping others live healthier, more compassionate lives that reduce their negative impact on their environment. She has researched, evangelized and informed others about the positive environmental and health impacts of veganism. As an animal rights activist, Beverly has influenced many people to make lifestyle changes.

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